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Please complete the following application form to Apply for Beneficiary Car Finance through Trendy Cars. All finance applications are subject to credit criteria approval.

Why Trendy Cars is Beneficial option for Beneficiaries for Car Finance in New Zealand?

1. One of the key advantages of Trendy Cars NZ is that it allows Beneficiaries in New Zealand to access the funds they need to buy a vehicle without having to pay a large upfront amount.

2. This is particularly beneficial for those who may not have significant savings or a high credit score.

3. Trendy Cars NZ as a lender understand that everyone's financial situation is unique and are often more lenient when considering loan applications from beneficiaries in NZ.

4. Trendy Cars NZ provides the opportunity to spread the cost of the vehicles over a fixed term, typically through monthly installments. This allows beneficiaries to manage their budget more effectively and make repayments within their means.

5. Moreover, Trendy Cars NZ offers competitive interest rates, ensuring that the overall cost of the vehicle remains affordable.

6. Securing Car Finance as a Beneficiary in NZ can also be advantageous with us for improving you BAD Credit score. Consistently making timely repayments can demonstrate financial responsibility and help individuals build a positive credit history.

Looking for more information on finance?

View our finance information page here to learn about our commitment to responsible lending as well as how our weekly finance repayments are calculated.

2013 Ford Ranger
231,508km, Manual, Diesel, 3199cc POA
Note: Clean Car fee/rebate may also apply

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